UBS Bank | Public Art Installation

1285 Ave of the Americas & West 51 St
New York, NY
Sept 14, 2019 –

Unveiled in the UBS corporate bank lobby at 1285 Avenue of the Americas & West 51 Street, van de Wiel’s first public art installation was commissioned by And Partners which acts as ‘co-curators’ on behalf of its clients. Located in a massive interior walkway, her five 4 x 5ft works are encased in five vitrine windows with Black Line Crazy black vinyl graphics spilling across each of the 15 glass panels.

“We see opportunities with artists like Mary van de Wiel to make original works at 1285 Avenue of the Americas as a great example of the intersection of contemporary art and commerce,” said David Schimmel, founder and CEO of And Partners.

Viewing Hours: Weekdays 9am-5:30pm




Manuk Galeria
Fabrica La Aurora
August 2016

Artist Lourdes Rivera first opened the doors to her gallery, Manuk Galeria in August 2016 in the prestigious Fabrica La Aurora, the Cultural Center of Art and Design, one of the main attractions in the city of San Miguel de Allende.

Rivera had seen the work van de Wiel was designing and invited her to be part of her first group show in August. For months, van de Wiel has been collaborating with several master weavers adapting her paintings to be integrated across 100% ethically sourced wool pieces. Lighting design was also a keen interest for her. It was a celebratory festive opening, and the group show was up for two months with van de Wiel’s pieces featured in a prominent corner along with Black Line Crazy 4x5ft paintings.



Colonia Guadalupe
December 2-3, 2016

On Friday night, December 2, the doors to the Black Line Crazy studio were opened wide, and over 250 people poured into the massive garden and courtyard for celebratory cocktails. It was the first POP UP for BLC in Mexico, and all the work on show were examples of the first round of prototypes.

The last 12 months had been taken up with research & development, design, production and travel back and forth to Mexico City and Leon. The work ranged from paintings, prints and the first vegan leather messenger bags. In addition, the first Black Line Crazy Wool Collection of rugs were on display in the courtyard. Almost a sold-out show!


Saint Cloche Gallery
August 2015

For van de Wiel, black takes center stage. Playful, bold and exuberant, her artworks celebrate the power of line and spontaneous mark making on paper, canvas as well as on printed fabric.

When Kitty Wong, owner of the Saint Cloche gallery in Paddington first approached van de Wiel, she suggested booking August later that year for exhibiting her work. In the meeting, Wong then asked the question, “So, where else have you exhibited, Van? #gasp. This was going to be her first exhibition, she explained.

A highly-successful first show, it also included the work of ceramicist Jan Howlin. For van de Wiel, her several retro chairs covered in BLC fabric — mixed with her paintings and collages — made for high-drama mileage in creating a dynamic immersive black line environment.